Joining Synapse

Joining Synapse

I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’m joining the Synapse Protocol core team in their mission to build the most widely-used and built upon cross-chain communications network. I’ll be joining as COO to head up growth, strategy, and operations.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of operating within and investing in some of the most foundational crypto companies and projects. I helped build some of DeFi’s first lending markets at Dharma, grew the Coinbase institutional platform in its infancy, invested at Coinbase ventures as well as myself as an angel. Crypto has always energized me because it’s the greatest force helping individuals and communities become more sovereign. The transition to a multi-chain world, and it’s subsequent success, has been instrumental in onboarding millions of new users into crypto and I couldn’t be more thrilled to further it’s growth.

So more concretely, why Synapse?

Firstly, the Synapse team has built what I regard to be one of the best user experiences in crypto. Multi-chain engineering is extremely complex, but Synapse users wouldn’t know that. In just a number of months, the team has integrated 15 different blockchains into their bridge, both EVM and non-EVM, upgraded a number of high-profile ethereum assets into multi-chain assets, facilitated nearly $8 billion USD of cross-chain swap volume, and most importantly, serviced tens of thousands of users.

The team is also led by what I regard to be one of crytpo’s secret weapons: Aurelius. Not only was Aurelius prescient enough to realize there would be this much user demand for blockspace on multiple blockchains, he relentlessly executed on that vision. I’m hopeful that the ecosystem soon realizes how much of a treasure Aurelius is.

Second, I believe we are in the early innings of what will become a much larger multi-chain expansion. Increased heterogeneity is at the core of scaling blockchains. Onboarding millions of new users to crypto has come with creating new blockchains. Be they layer 2s, roll-ups, subnets, or app-chains, more blockchains and execution environments are required to usher in adoption. As more blockchains come to market, the infrastructure required for users to seamlessly move between them will become even more vital.

Lastly, it is very early days for the Synapse ecosystem. While bridge growth has been torrid to date, the vision for Synapse is to become both the most widely used cross-chain liquidity network and the the most built upon interoperability framework. In the near future, I see a vibrant Synapse ecosystem comprised of truly native multi-chain decentralized applications. There is so much to build and I couldn’t imagine any other team to build it with.

We’re actively hiring across every function. If you’re interested in building the multi-chain future, shoot me an email at max[at] or reach out to us on Discord!